Identity Trades



Identity Trades

Transfer of Self Over a Network Connection, 2017, CNC-routed HDU foam, projection, digital print on acrylic, 74 x 76 x 16.25 inches


Being Consignment: A Strategy, 2017, screen, vaporizer parts, text, 17 x 29 x 3 inches, parts and text variable


Rental of Automatic Nervous System, 2017, screen, tennis ball, text, 36 x 21 x 3 inches, ball and text variable


Habit Futures, 2017, monitor, network racks, glass of saltwater, text, 18.5 x 58 x 13 inches, text variable


Adaptable Alliances Strengthen the State, 2017, mixed materials, digital print on acrylic, projection, 64 x 73 x 72 inches