2010    BA  English  Columbia University

2016    After the Feast, Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Jen Hitchings

2016    Re-Code, CAFA International Gallery, Beijing, China, curated by Naiyi Wang and Wenjie Sun

2017    various existential angsts, NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Eriola Pira

2016    Feed Me, Associated Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Jennifer Hitchings, Theresa Daddezio, Julian Jimarez Howard

2015    Menu for Mars Kitchen, The Boiler | Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Douglas Paulson and Heidi Neilson

2015    Amplitude [Live], Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Wave Farm

2015    Counterfeiting for Cash, Flux Factory, Queens, NY, curated by Douglas Paulson

2014    Interphase, Sorry Archive, Select Fair, Miami, FL, curated by Claire Mirocha, Joie Estrella, Vanessa Thill

2018   ISCP, Brooklyn, NY

2017   NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY

2015   Flux Factory, Queens, NY

2016    Digital collection commission, Electric Objects, digital PNG file, 1080 × 1920 pixels, Electric Objects Art Club

2015    On/offline commission, AH Arts, CCTV feed and sculpture, d.v., curated by Ashley Martin, Alixandra Hornyan

2013    Performance, sound design [collaboration: Rodrigo Toscano], Epic Now, The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, New York


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